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Custom-made products available to Qualified and Registered Health Professionals

For a full list of custom-made ointments and bespoke herbal skin creams, powders, tinctures, vinegar soaks etc made to order for registered health professionals only, please register your details here or send an enquiry by writing to

Avicenna Skincare also offers an exclusive range of carefully designed topicals and cosmetic skincare products developed over 27 years by world-renowned dermatologist Mazin Al-Khafaji.

The cosmetic range includes moisturisers for the face, skin creams for the delicate eye area and neck line, lip balms, hand and foot creams as well as body lotions and after-sun products.

Topical products are designed to be used in addition to internal herbal therapy and contain a variety of herbs and powders to specifically improve the condition of both hair and skin.

All products are made by hand on our own premises, and produced in small batches.  We use organic ingredients wherever possible, sourcing only the highest quality, finest of ingredients from trusted suppliers.

Our formulations contain high concentrations of valuable single ingredients and botanicals, and they are skillfully produced combining old recipes and methods with the insight of modern cosmetic science.

Our skin products do not contain any artificial colours or preservatives,  petrochemical substances or steroids.