Centre for Traditional Chinese Medicine in Brighton & Hove

AVICENNA Centre for Chinese Medicine is the leading clinic for acupuncture & herbal medicine in Sussex. We specialise in the clinical practice of all aspects of Chinese medicine, successfully  using an integrated approach to influence a wide range of acute & chronic conditions. Please use our site to view in detail the therapies we offer and to acquaint yourself with current research data and the latest findings into health and complementary medicine.  You can also join us on Facebook 

News and Lifestyle

News & Lifestyle

Expansion of Associate Clinician Scheme

A second clinician has been invited to join this scheme to work as Mazin's assistant at the Skin and Allergy Clinic and the IBD Clinic.   Isabel Cherry receives specific training in his treatment protocols, and will apply Mazin's Chinese Medicine Dermatology Method and Mazin's Auto Immune Protocols under his direct supervision.

A Chinese Medicine Story: Interview with Mazin Al-Khafaji

This interview was published in the September issue of the American Journal Acupuncture Today.      

Avicenna & Medicinal Plants in China

Avicenna Dispensary has been run by Mazin Al-Khafaji for over 25 years, and it’s thanks to his huge personal efforts and uncompromising ways that Avicenna has achieved a trend setting position within the industry that reaches far beyond UK borders.