Bespoke Dispensary Services

Our bespoke dispensary services are available to authorised health professionals only.

Please register with us if you are a health professional and would like to order your prescriptions through our dispensary.

Prescription Service

Our in house herbal pharmacy carries a permanent stock of over 450 carefully sourced and authenticated herbal ingredients, please contact us for latest prices.

Please enquire for availability  if you use any specially prepared or unusual herbs in your prescriptions.

You can either fax or email your prescriptions for dry herbs to us.

Decoction Service

This specialised service is available to our patients after consultation with one of our in house practitioners.

The high pressure and temperature controlled decoction method extracts significantly higher proportions (30-40%) of active ingredients of the herbs.

This makes your formula more powerful and effective by enhancing the synergistic actions of the ingredients.

Once prepared the decoction is stable and has a shelf for up to 70 days.

Orders placed before midday are dispensed on the same day, delivery in the UK is by courier usually within 24 hours.

Bespoke pill making service

For added convenience we custom make pills for our patients who require this. They are made by hand undergoing intricate processing of raw herbs from our own dispensary, ensuring a consistent end product containing  high quality, authenticated ingredients of safe provenance.

Custom made products range

We make highly enriched, organic herbal ointments, skin creams, washes and poultices to order on prescription.

Consult Mazin Al-Khafaji's  guide to the most commonly used items in the custom made range.

Please note that these products are only available on prescription through our associated practitioners.

If you are interested in having any special ointment or cream made up to your requirements please contact us.

Orders from Health Professionals

You can order either through our order form  or by emailing us at

Please ring 01273 776499 if you would like further information.

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