We were on a family holiday 2 years ago when my wife and I noticed that our daughter was losing a lot of hair; to the point that my wife arranged for a wig fitting while we were away.

When we returned to the UK we started making enquiries, seeing doctors and dermatologists, but quickly realised that Western Medicine couldn’t provide any treatment or solution.  Although we were offered creams and steroids there was no guarantee and they didn’t give us any confidence.

We came to see Dr. Mazin and he started her on a course of herbs.  It was a real struggle for her to take them as the taste was so strong but she really persevered and within 3 to 4 months her hair started to grow back. After 6 months it was really growing quickly.  After 9 months we stopped the herbs and unfortunately 4 months later she started to relapse, we saw patches starting behind her ears and at the back of her head.  We returned for further treatment and her hair started growing back again.  We have just finished another round of herbs and her hair is looking so much better, we hope we have left the wig behind.


I first met Markus Grasser when he offered me shiatsu for a wrist injury I had suffered using power tools.  I had been prescribed anti-inflammatorys and painkillers from a doctor and was told to expect to wait 3 to 4 weeks for it to recover.  I was more than happily surprised when 2 days after the treatment by Markus, I had the full use of my wrist again and was pain free.

A while later I asked him for a consultation about the hair loss problem I'd had for 20 years, alopaecia areata. I had lost I'd say 70% of my scalp hair.  We discussed lifestyle and diet, and changes were recommended as well as a series of Chinese herbs.  Markus explained the course of treatment prescribed to me in some depth, and assisted me in identifying and transforming the ways in which I was literally exhausting my system.  I undertook to take the herbs twice a day, and adopt a wiser dietary regime, and vigorous scalp massage, and I received shiatsu from a student of Markus.

What I can say today, is that after a year or so of taking the herbs etc. my hair coverage on my scalp is probably 80%. I've learned to listen to my body's needs more and take far better care of my health. I've slowed my pace down, I don't experience the constant pressure of rushing constantly that I used to experience.  I still get the same amount done, but without exhausting myself in the process.  I think the course of treatment inspired me and assisted me in being willing to take responsibility for nourishing myself as best I can.

I'm deeply grateful to Markus, I found it easy to be open and honest with him, I felt cared for and encouraged by him along the way, and I would recommend him to anyone who wanted to make some healthy changes in their lives with the support of a man dedicated to uplifting the quality of people's lives.