Here’s my story on how Mazin cured my psoriasis.
I had hip surgery but suffered complications due to a staphylococcus infection.
In order to treat the infection, I was placed on a drip for 7 weeks with some hard hitting drugs.
About a month after coming off the drip, I started seeing psoriasis on my hands. I have never suffered psoriasis in my 47 years.
I went to the GP and saw a dermatologist and was prescribed the usual creams etc. These did not work and the only other option was to pay for expensive drugs recommended by another dermatologist.
Anyway, I didn’t want any more heavy drugs in my body so I started looking into other ways of treating the psoriasis. This is when I came across Avicenna in Hove.
After assessment from Mazin, I was prescribed the medicine. Well sachets of awful tasting liquid to take twice a day for a 4-6 week period.
After each assessment, Mazin would alter the prescription and off I would go again for another 6 weeks.
After 8 months of treatment, Mazin told me that he would not need to see me anymore as the psoriasis was gone.
OMG – what a relief – I could have kissed him.
So if you are suffering from psoriasis – go an see the team at Avicenna in Hove.
I still occasionally look at the before and after pictures of my hands and still can’t believe how Mazin worked his magic!


I just want to say how truly amazed I am with the incredible results I got from Mazin at Avicenna.  After only four visits I am 100% better from a condition that has been seriously torturing me on and off my whole life, and has been quite unbearable for at least the last 5 years!  I am so happy with the results that I could cry - it's made such a difference to my standard of life that I'm lost for words.

Mazin gave simple, clear and easy-to-understand answers; I just can't compare it to all the rubbish I've been told in the past from others.  I would strongly recommend him to others.  You won't believe it but you really don't have to suffer any more!


When my 4 year old son was hospitalised in December 2013 with a bacterial infection in his lymph gland I thought that upon his discharge following a 12 day treatment course of intravenous antibiotics that after a little recovery time he would be back to his usual energetic self.  This wasn't to be and what followed was 7 months of watching a previously robust child become totally depleted and unwell.

We lurched from infection to infection with him unable to maintain any kind of consistent schooling.  His energy levels were poor to say the least and he spent most afternoons asleep on the sofa.  This was then compounded with the development of psoriasis in his bottom area in April 2014. 

The conventional western healthcare routes open to us failed to diagnose this at the outset and what resulted was a slow spread which by July 2014 saw most areas of my son’s body and head (with the exception of his back) covered in various different types of psoriasis.  He was in a great deal of discomfort with his neck having cracked, unable to lift his arms above a certain height and any kind of prolonged sitting causing great distress.

I consider us to be utterly blessed to have been passed Dr Mazin’s contact details, and to have got an appointment at the beginning of July 2014.  He has completely turned around my son’s situation.  With regular appointments and internal and external herbal treatments, my son is now completely clear of any psoriasis (October 2014) and his general health has also improved greatly.  Teachers, friends and family cannot believe the amazing results that Mazin has achieved.

I can, however! I had total faith from day one that we were in good hands and this has indeed proved to be the case.  Another huge plus of Dr Mazin’s practice is the user friendly sachets of herbs – having had the experience of boiling up herbs in the past I can safely say this made the administering of them so much easier.

I would have not a moment's hesitation in recommending Dr Mazin and his team to anyone experiencing difficult times.  If only TCM was widely used throughout our healthcare system here in the UK...  The only downside is that with such an amazing result my son is quite disappointed that a return visit to the Avicenna Clinic is no longer required!


I began seeing Dr Mazin Al-Khafaji after several failed attempts to treat my psoriasis through the NHS.  My condition was extremely painful and I had severe plauque psoriasis covering my lower legs with several more large patches on my back, thighs and stomach.  The treatment began with a herbal mixture to drink and several lotions to apply.  In the first month it was extremely difficult for me to take the herbs as the mixture was not very pleasant.  But this is something I regret immensely as had I been successful in the first month, the treatment would not have taken so long.  In the end it took 4 months for my psoriasis to disappear.  Through this period I went through several ups and down but Dr Al-Khafaji and his support staff were always available to help with any problems or queries I had.

For the first time in a year I was not thinking about the psoriasis first thing as I got up and last thing as I went to sleep. It was clearly going.


Chinese Herbs and Mazin's skill and knowledge as a healer worked for me.  Prior to consulting Mazin I had, for a period of 6 years, psoriasis on my hands and feet.  The psoriasis particularly on my hands was very painful with lesions that bled.

I had tried homeopathy and my acupuncturist, as well as giving acupuncture, prescribed Chinese creams without success.  It was only after coming to Mazin and his treating me with a combination of Chinese herbs to drink and an ointment that he makes to apply topically that I am now completely healed and free of psoriasis.  I can't thank him enough!


I'd been suffering from psoriasis for over 30 years when Mazin Al-Khafaji was recommended to me by my acupuncturist.  None of the NHS treatments had worked.

After treatment with herbs my psoriasis has cleared - an amazing result I never thought would be possible.  For the first time since I was a teenager I'm happy about, not self-conscious of, my body.  I'm delighted, thanks so much!  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mazin to other sufferers, and have done so already.


I have suffered from psoriasis, in varying degrees, for thirty years and have tried every pill and potion on the market.  They all offered, if not a cure, some relief - none of them worked.  I have even been hospitalised, this brought temporary relief in some areas but not all.

By last October psoriasis covered all but my face.  I contacted Avicenna and had my first appointment in December.  By February my skin was almost clear: just two very small areas remained.  This treatment has worked for me and I would encourage anyone who suffers with psoriasis to put their faith in this clinic.


I was first diagnosed with palmar-planta (hand and foot) psoriasis in January 2008.  This was after suffering undiagnosed symptoms for over 6 months.  The various prescribed steroid creams I had used had not worked to reduce the pustules or the scaly skin; if anything my skin had deteriorated.  After diagnosis, because the antibiotics I was prescribed only had a very limited effect, I was put on the waiting list for light therapy - a course of over 30 weeks of trips to the hospital.  By now the condition seemed to have become a part of me.  You can't avoid seeing your hands and you cannot really hide them from others in personal, social or business life.  On a friend's recommendation and out of desperation - and I have to say entirely contrary to my inclination against alternative therapy - I made an appointment at Avicenna.

Dr Al Khafaji's assessment of my condition was utterly different from that of the doctors I had previously seen, all of whom had stressed that mine was a condition very difficult to treat and that I should assume I would get only limited relief from any treatment.  Curing/ending the psoriasis was apparently not to be hoped for.  In contrast, Dr Al Khafaji explained his intention was actually to take control of the disorder: to this end, he explained he would (1) improve the immediate quality of my skin with creams, (2) knock the auto-immune disorder on the head with a specific drug and (3) shift my physiology back into normal, long-term mode with a distillation of herbs.  He also made it quite clear I did not have to have faith in the theories or practices of Chinese medicine for this to work.

Improvement came within the first month.  The pustules reduced as did the flakiness of my skin.  Further, marked improvement followed over the next two months.  By this time the pustules had pretty much gone and broad patches of my skin were returning to their original state.  It was now about a year since I had had first sign of the psoriasis and only 3 months since it had been at its worst, with rashes of pustules across my palms, fingers and over the back of my hands.  For the first time in a year I was not thinking about the psoriasis first thing as I got up and last thing as I went to sleep.  It was clearly going.

Over the next two months I stopped using any of the herbal creams, just moisturised with standard creams, and slowly reduced the dosage of the pills.  After 5 months treatment I am now into my final few weeks, off the pills and only taking the herbal distillation.  I have to say this still tastes pretty bad - you do not develop a fondness for it - but it is a rather small price to pay for what looks to have been a solution fto my psoriasis.  I have never offered a testimonial of this sort before, but I strongly recommend anyone else who has psoriasis to try this treatment.


After having tried many remedies for my skin condition (hyperkeratoic psoriasis of the palms and soles) I have been delighted that, following a short course of treatment by Mazin Al-Khafaji, the condition has completely cleared. Many thanks.


I had suffered from psoriasis for about three years and was deeply affected by it.  It had started off quite slowly and I had tried the conventional treatments - Dovonex, emolients and steroids.  Some worked for a short while and then of course the lesions came back.  I used a course of light treatments which worked quite well but the minute I finished along came my psoriasis again.  I was not against alternative therapies and was willing to try anything.  I visited an acupuncurist and a herbalist and gave up every type of food I could: dairy, wheat, alcohol, sugar.  I searched for changes in my skin but could find nothing.  This time last year my skin was at its very worst.  Since the first moment I got psoriasis I had never been clear of it, but at this stage all my legs and arms were covered, they were raw and sore and I was aware of it every minute of every day.

That is when my boyfriend stumbled upon the Avicenna centre.  I actually remember saying that this was the last thing I was going to try, because financially and emotionally I could not deal with the disappointment of another thing not working.  I remember I broke down and cried in my first appointment with Dr. Al-Khafaji, it just upset me that much.  I started taking the teas (mine didn't taste that bad) and putting on creams and wrapping myself in cling film at night.  It was actually quite funny, I was hopeful of course but I couldn't quite believe it when a few weeks later I really saw effects.  I carried on the treatment for 4 and 1/2 months until I was clear and in my final appointment I cried again but this time they were tears of happiness and graditude.  I wish everybody could know about this, I've told everybody I can.  I never thought I would be able to show my legs in public again, it's seriously changed my life and I can't recommend it enough.


I am in a phase of trying hard to believe what has happened to me.  I am still a little speechless!  The doctor has said that I am healed.  Perhaps I am exaggerating but just imagine if you suffer from a disease for more than a decade and this disease is judged to be incurable by western medicine and then you are cured.  You should be able to understand that something like this is almost religious and touching deeply.

My Psoriasis history started at the age of 26, most likely activated by a series of well known typical trigger events that happened almost simultaneously: I finished one year of travelling with a lung infection, followed by medication with very strong antibiotics, resumed working and started a tough period of extra occupational study, 4 years work load of about 180% (100% work load is 42 hours per week in Switzerland).

The 1st Year:
Having had no family history of psoriasis, I had no clue what these deep red scaly spots were on my scalp.  A first visit to the dermatologist in Switzerland diagnosed psoriasis and I immediately went through all the sorts of standard treatment, with oral medication, different creams and ending with Cortisone preparations.  The diagnosis took less than one minute and the procedures that followed seemed to be very standardised with an obvious result: No result.

The following 5 years:
I entered a difficult phase, full of consternation, and tried to accept being one of a percentage of people suffering from an incurable disease that predominantly looks ugly and separates you in a strange way from the “normal” people.  I tried to find correlations between my skin condition and my emotional states.  In the end it was a waste of time and I found no correlation at all.

Year 7:
Then came the first contact with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and phyto therapy.  A doctor of medicine with an advanced education in TCM analysed me.  There are things in life that cannot and do not have to be explained, you simply realise, “this is it”.  The way this woman looked at the situation told me that she must have a clue about the cause.  She looked at the details and it suddenly became obvious that this is a very individual disease.  There is no standard approach to get rid of it.  That treatment was very successful and everything the doctor said made sense and seemed to prove itself in practice but the healing stopped just before everything was gone.  Only two little spots resisted.  No way to catch them but I was clearly happy and thought I could live with them without a problem.  She also promised that this stage should be pretty stable but this last statement was incorrect.  The Psoriasis started to spread again.  The relapse was slow in the beginning but seemed to be unstoppable.

Another 3 years:
After a long period of living with it, accepting it and hating it but with no will, no idea and no energy to try something new, one day I quit smoking (I was smoking 40 cigarettes per day, very constantly).  The doctor always said, if I would stop smoking, that would help a lot.  However it did not help at all, it started to get worse, the alternating phases of becoming worse and getting better changed so that it was only getting worse.  I started another two completely hopeless but expensive treatments.  The third doctor was the next to invoke a change and it began to get really bad.  Somehow he had found something but unfortunately his treatment was only changing things for the worse and it became frightening.  The doctor himself became upset and started wondering what he could do.  He told me he was going to talk with his teacher and this is how I found this particular teacher and here we are in Hove, South England.

5 months ago:
On 1st of May, 2007, at the age of 37, I had the first appointment with Mazin Al-Khafaji.  My psoriasis was at a maximum level at this time.  He rapidly found an exceptional feature in my case; damp areas that he had never seen before.  He suspected a strong relationship to alcohol.  I didn't know if I should hope this could be true or not.  However, I remember my last couple of beers in the town of Poole on the 30th of April 2007 very well, I haven't had a single sip of alcohol since then.  My medication consisted of drinking unusual tasting teas twice a day and creaming my body twice a day with a black and greasy tar like cream for the night and a dark green paste for the day.  Apart from alcohol, the following foods are prohibited for me: beef, lamb, shellfish, hot and spicy food, smoked food and barbecued stuff, excess carbohydrates and nothing gluttonous.  You probably think that life must be very boring and that is exactly what I thought in the beginning.  But you learn to eat differently, to cope with it and there is a last resort to relieve the brain: THC is not only allowed from the medical point of view, it even has a positive influence, at least in my case.

I am completely healed and there is not a single scab on my body.  The affected areas can still be identified but you have look very closely.  This stage apparently stays for another couple of months and is supposed to be all right and normal if it stays stable.  It has already been stable for about the last three months.

The future:
As you can imagine after such a history, I asked Mazin: “What do I need to do, if it reoccurs?”, he replied: “Why do you worry about this? - Don't!”  So here I am, healed and with a very difficult challenge: Not thinking about it!  I am very thankful for what has happened to me.  Although the doctor seemed to know a lot more than he told me, he somehow passed the responsibility to find my way to me, and he clearly pointed me in the right direction.  As in any other content, also the Chinese doctors have different mentalities, different working methods and a different way to understand each individual patient.  Everything must fit.  You probably need multiple starts, I did.  Either Mazin is the master, and that is what I believe, or it simply worked out for me.  Finally, I learnt to fight it hard instead of trying to become a patient and satisfied victim of psoriasis.  Many thanks.


I am writing to thank both you and your team for your warmth, caring and first class service. I struggled with Psoriasis for many years, and following an attack of Guttate Psoriasis the condition had reached crisis point.
A friend had recommended Avicenna and following an enlightening consultation, I embarked on a course of treatment that brought remarkable results. The condition has completely cleared and shows no signs of returning. I highly recommended Avicenna. 

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