I have suffered with a crop of humongous, unsightly warts all over my right hand for at least 3 years.  I grew to hate them with a passion, and I’m sure they affected my confidence as I constantly hid my hand in my pocket and was even ashamed to shake people's hands in case they noticed them.  I have frozen them, had them burned off, applied acid to them, even tried some old wives' tales like bandaging them with a sliver of banana skins, all in a bid to get rid of them.  Result - A big fat ZERO.

Frankly I felt embarrassed to book an appointment with Dr Mazin at Avicenna because I knew that he saw serious skin diseases (my cousin saw him with severe eczema with brilliant results), and I thought it a trivial problem.  But finally I did, and I’m very happy that I did.  He told me that usually all that was required was to apply special oil that his pharmacy extracted from a seed for a few weeks to get rid of single warts, but in my case I also needed to take medicine internally as they were so widespread.  It finally took 6 weeks of treatment, but I am delighted to say that my warty hand is no longer.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


My son of 5 developed about 20 or 30 brown bumps on his face and around his eyes.  When I visited my GP she didn't really know what they were, but anyway told me not to worry.  After 6 months they just got worse and worse.  Eventually I went to see Dr Al-Khafaji who immediately diagnosed a kind of wart that he called plane or flat warts.  He prescribed some herbs in liquid form to be rubbed on my sons face twice a day with a cloth.  After 4 weeks all the unsightly warts disappeared.  Thank you very much for your help.

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