I am so pleased that I took my 16 year old son Vinay to see Dr Mazin for treatment at Avicenna. Vinay suffers from vitiligo on one side of his face.  Being Asian, vitiligo is more noticeable, and I was worried when I saw white patches appearing on his face.

After a couple of treatments from Dr Mazin, the medicine was working and I could see the difference on his face.  Previously I had tried all the ointments and creams from my GP and doctors at the hospital but nothing had worked.  After visiting Dr Mazin the vitiligo was going away and the pigments were slowly returning and filling in the white patches.  After over 2 years of treatment 90 percent of the vitiligo is gone.

Dr Mazin is absolutely amazing, the results from him is outstanding!  He is the best.  It's worth spending every penny to have treatment at Avicenna Centre.

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