I'm so happy with the amazing results at  the skin clinic at Avicenna. After 3 visits and 6 weeks of treatment the symptoms of Rosacea have disappeared. My skin feels and looks healthy again! Thank you so much!


Avicenna and Mazin Al -Khafaji have changed my life. Before I found Mazin through the help of an acupuncturist, I was suffering from a skin condition which western medicine did not know how to treat. I was diagnosed with Livedoid Vasculopathy after years of tests and I was told there was no cure but the symptoms could be controlled with blood thinners. I started taking the blood thinners and noticed a slight improvement but I suffered from other side effects of long term use of blood thinners and the condition got slowly worse until the point I would not leave the house without covering up my whole body. I didn’t want to go on holiday or let anyone see my skin.  After visiting an acupuncturist who recommended Avicenna, I stopped the western medicine and booked an appointment at Avicenna in January 2017. Mazin immediately understood the problem and started treating me with herbs, within a few weeks I felt immediately better within myself and my skin started to improve. Over the course f the next 8 months I diligently visited Avicenna, took the herbs and slowly the changes were noticeable. Now after 8 months I can say that my improvement is a miracle, it has been a total turnaround. Mazin has changed my life, I am confident, I go out now in a dress and look forward to holidays. I am so thankful to Mazin and everyone at Avicenna for giving me my life back.


Recently I have had some tests and evaluation of my condition, and have been given positive feedback.

I went to see my Chest/Respiratory Specialist in Wellington at the end of last year having not seen him for 8 years.  I had been seeing a Respiratory Specialist in Auckland as I was travelling up and down a bit, but have not seen anyone in New Zealand since seeing Mazin at your clinic two and a half years ago - in June 2007 I think.

The recent tests the Wellington Respiratory Specialist ran and his response to my health were fantastic.

I had seen Mazin at your clinic a few years ago and have been taking his herbal preparation since on a quarterly basis.  The advice and treatments have had a hugely beneficial effect on my life - both on how much I can do, how well I feel and how much Prescription medication I now don't have to take.

I had been told by my specialist in Auckland 4-5 years ago that I could expect to spend the rest of my life taking oral steroids and antibiotics.  I rarely take them now and would estimate my use of antibiotics as 2-3 short courses a year at most.  I have only needed to take steroids once, over the last few years.

On going back to my original specialist in Wellington (Professor Richard Beasley) who as I mentioned I had not seen for 8 years he was expecting to see a significant decline in my health.  On arrival at the Respiratory Clinic I went first on the Spirometry machine to check lung function, and had other tests.

On review of the test results Professor Beasley asked me what I had been doing for 8 years and also said he couldn't understand how my lung function had improved by a 4-9%.  Based on my prior presentation and the condition as diagnosed - he said he would have expected a 4-9% decrease in lung function over the 8 year period.  He expressed quite some interest in what I had been doing - solely taking the herbal medication 4 times a year - and also including once weekly Alexander technique lessons, which help with not only posture but also correct breathing.

Professor Beasley concluded that I was very well and only need a repeat appointment if I had a downturn in my health.  He said to continue with what I was doing as it was obviously working extremely well.  He was very happy with the results I am getting from the herbal medicine and could see no reason to discontinue.


It's funny how easy it is to get used to poor health.  For years I treaded delicately around it.  I seldom ate unhealthy, and avoided late nights since I knew if I did, I would end up ill.  Sometimes it was an ear infection, other times it was a bladder infection.  At times I just couldn't get out of bed - not ill, just exhausted.  My husband always saved at least a week of holiday in case I deteriorated and was not able to take care of the kids.  Every six weeks he was using a sick day for me.  Along with this, I would sleep lightly, waking up as many as a dozen times during the night.  I was constantly exhausted and had a constant feeling that I was about to get a bladder infection.  At times, if I did too much, I would get dizzy and feel as if I was about to faint.  In all reality, if I just ate an amazingly healthy diet, I could avoid infections and cope.  Or, at least, kind of cope.  I avoided extended family gatherings because they were just too tiring.  When I did attend, I'd try to sneak away to take a nap.  My husband would cover for me since he knew I found it embarrassing.  I felt horribly guilty that I wasn't doing enough with my kids.  Going to the park or walking by the sea took too much energy if I wanted to also get dinner on the table.  I once attempted to speak to a GP but was told that having two kids is tiring.  I didn't mention it again.

When my kids began school, I started on a course to learn Chinese Medicine.  I did with great concern because I was worried I would get ill when things got tough.  But it was through the course that I realised that these issues could be addressed.  One of the many beautiful things about Chinese Medicine is that it recognises that just because something is common, doesn't mean it is normal.  And it doesn't see health as just avoiding infections and coping.  I also learned that just a few miles from where I lived was Avicenna, a centre of excellence for Chinese Medicine.  To say that my teachers regard Mazin's clinic and pharmacy highly would be an understatement.  Even the teachers who openly criticise everything spoke about it with unreserved regard.  One even used the word “genius' to describe the work at Avicenna.  I made an appointment with Andrew Flower.  Two of my classmates were patients of his.  Chinese Medicine students are hard to please.  We've been treated by dozens of people and we know what we like and don't like.  We've spent hours in the classroom observing practitioners and critiquing their techniques.  So, it would probably be fair to say we make great critics but are horribly demanding patients.  Consequently, I was taken back when my two classmates said that Andrew was “amazing” and highly recommended him.  Andrew didn't let me down.  On every level, he is what we look to attain as a practitioner. Besides being incredibly personable, with a fantastic sense of humour, his skill and knowledge in both herbs and acupuncture is inspiring.  Most importantly, he gets results.  Chinese medicine is powerful medicine.  Andrew utilises Chinese medicine the way it is meant to be utilised.

I was originally treated for a few months with herbs and acupuncture, and then with just acupuncture.  I have also taken on lifestyle advice that Andrew suggested.  Now, I have energy, I sleep well, my bladder is normal, and I don't get dizzy.  I am amazed when my husband or kids get ill, I do not.  My husband no longer reserves holiday days in case I get ill and, best of all, my kids get a “yes” when asking whether they can go to the park.  And I still have energy to get dinner on the table.


Mazin and Avicenna have somehow managed to turn me from 'dead man walking' to a healthy man, in body and spirit, both with herbs as well as by empowering me to take responsibility for my own health.

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