It took just the one needle in the crook of my elbow, diagonally opposed to the seat of the excruciating pain  that left me unable to walk after injuring my knee 24h earlier...  Yes, my arm suddenly hurt more than my leg for the next few hours, but after a night's rest I got up the next morning and had all but forgotten I'd ever even felt the pain.  A week later I am back to exercise, and am even doing the "squat challenge"!  Thank you Mazin, you have got the touch!


I would just like to comment on my recent acupuncture treatment at Avicenna.  Following 5 weeks of headaches and back pain I attended the clinic in a sort of last ditch attempt at pain relief after trying many other conventional methods.  After just one treatment and massage I could feel a great improvement, and after the second treatment I felt that good, that on my return for my third treatment i was told i didn't need the treatment any more!  Since then I have continued to feel fully better and I would totally recommend you to anyone with a variety of ailments!  It worked for me and although it may not work for everybody, if you open your mind then anything is possible.  Please feel free to use this testimonial in any way you choose, I thank you for helping me!


I have been having acupuncture with Qin for quite some time as a form of pain relief for my polymyalgia.

There is currently no cure as it is a virus and should eventually burn itself out but at the moment I find that the acupuncture provides a very welcome reprieve from the pain.

I have a great respect for Qin - she trained and practised in China, which to me speaks volumes, and she has all the right qualifications.  She works with the utmost professionalism and has a gentle, caring manner.  Having trained as a nurse and being married to a Doctor, I am relieved that I can relax and feel totally at ease being treated by someone so knowledgeable.  I have tremendous confidence in Qin, to the point that although I know I won’t be pain free until the virus has left my body, I can’t help thinking if anyone could eliminate the pain it would be Qin.


The Avicenna Pain Clinic is an excellent resource for those suffering from chronic pain.  Over a three year period I have attended a variety of orthodox and complimentary practitioners in an attempt to reduce my back pain.  The Avicenna Pain Clinic has provided the only treatment that has improved my condition.

When I first attended the clinic I was in considerable pain and unable to sleep at night because of the discomfort.  I can now sleep at night and I am considerably improved.  Andrew is a dedicated and compassionate practitioner whose treatment has made a significant difference to my quality of life.


I had three sessions of acupuncture at Avicenna after a running injury.  I feel it helped me back running much quicker than if I had not had the treatment and could feel a noticeable improvement after every treatment.  Being a qualified yoga teacher and 2nd year neuroscience undergraduate, naturally I had many questions that were answered in an intelligent and informed manner.

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