The problem started in June 2008  when a wound on my ankle would not heal.  It had started from either a scratch or a bite.

By the end of June my local surgery had diagnosed that I had MRSA in the wound.

The problem was further complicated by the fact that I had previously had 3 operations for varicose veins; leaving the circulation of blood in that leg somewhat impaired.

The G.P. prescribed 3 separate courses of antibiotics, none of which aided the healing process.  I was beginning to feel affected by the constant pain and intense drawing feeling in my ankle.

I was also visiting the surgery several times a week for fresh dressings to help heal the wound.

In August 2008, I went to see Mazin for his advice.  He prescribed me Chinese herbal medicine to use both internally and externally.  He advised to leave the wound open to the air as much as possible and to dress with the powder and honey mixture.

I took the herbs over a period of four months and used the external dressing for 6 weeks.  After a month I felt far less pain and the wound was beginning to heal.  By December 2008 the wound was completely healed and the pain subsided.

I am now waiting to be re-tested for the MRSA...

I finished taking my herbs about 4 weeks ago.  I went to my medical centre two weeks ago to be tested for MRSA.  I am delighted to say that I am clear!  Thank you so much for all your care.  You can now draw a line under my case.

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