Register of Chinese Medicine Dermatology

Recommendations and International Referrals

Mazin is the leading clinician in the field of Chinese Medicine Dermatology, Autoimmune and Allergic Disease in the Western world, and he teaches his TCM Dermatology Method to doctors and practitioners worldwide. 

He is known for his diagnostic skills, and the beneficial treatment results achieved at Avicenna, particularly at the Skin & Allergy Clinic, the IBD Clinic and the Autoimmune Clinic are outstanding and life changing for many of his patients.  Mazin's reputation means that we get enquiries from all over the world, and many patients travel from far afield to consult with him at his practice in Hove, UK.

We do of course understand that travelling to the UK may not always be an option for patients, so we keep a list of trusted associated doctors and practitioners the world over, each of whom has studied and successfully mastered Mazin's treatment protocols.  This is known as the Register of Chinese Medicine Dermatology.

Hundreds of doctors and students from over a dozen different countries and several continents have attended  Mazin's Diploma Course, regularly participating on Avicenna's Forum for professional exchange and keeping up-to-date with Mazin's treatment strategies. 

The Diploma is, however, awarded only to those who pass the final examination, and is a reflection of their hard work and of the knowledge and skill levels acquired during their training.  On passing the final exam they become members of the Register of Chinese Medicine Dermatology, and may use the letters 'RCMDerm' after their name.

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We have Associated Practitioners in the following countries:

United Kingdom & Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, France, USA, Austria, Canada, Italy, Belgium, Australia, Czech Republic, Holland, Sweden.

Register of Chinese Medicine Dermatology

How to find a Practitioner trained in Chinese Medicine Dermatology

Participants who successfully complete the Diploma Course and pass the final examination become members of the Register of Chinese Medicine Dermatology, which to date consists of about 75 members from twelve different countries.

The Diploma awarded to those who pass the final examination reflects their hard work and the knowledge and skill levels they have acquired during their training with Mazin, and he is happy to endorse them as TCM dermatologists.

We are aware that some people claim to have completed training with Mazin when this is in fact untrue.

Names and contact details of members of the Register are available to members of the public, please enquire directly at to make sure you book an appointment with a practitioner you can trust.