I had beautiful skin as a teenager, and thought that I had got away with it when I saw how much my friends suffered with spots. But when I was 32 it was my turn.  I started getting horrible painful spots on my chin and neck. My GP gave me antibiotics, which I took for about a year.  They had no effect at all.  Then he put me on the pill, which did help a bit, but I still kept getting spots.  After a few years of this I just got more and more depressed until a friend told me about Mazin.  I travelled from London every 3 or 4 weeks to see him.  I felt confident in his treatment right from the beginning.  I had to drink this horrible liqued every day (I would have drunk the bath water if I thought it would help), and put a smelly brown paste on my face every evening.  To my utter delight, gradually but surley my skin improved and improved and improved.  Now about 6 months after I started the treatment, I can honestly say that my skin is like it was when I was a teenager (apart from the wrinkles that is).  I can't thank Mazin enough, he is amazing!


I've had bad skin since I was 13, but instead of improving when I grew up, it just got worse.  I took antibiotics for years, which helped to begin with, but after a while they stopped working.  I finally was sent to see the specialist who put me on Dianette.  When that didn't work he prescribed Roaccutane.  Even though that did help, it made my skin very dry and gave me horrendous nose bleeds and cracked lips.  I had to come off it, and when I did my acne got really bad.  In total desperation I booked in to see Dr Mazin.  I am so happy that I did, because actually I was always sceptical about alternative medicine.  It took 7 month of constant treatment, but now I have almost perfect skin.  Occasionally I get a spot that reminds me of the bad old days, but most of the time I don't even think about it.  Thank you for all your help.

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