OPEN FOR BOOKINGS: TCM Diploma Course USA 2022/23

Mazin Al-khafaji's Diploma Course in Chinese Medicine Dermatology will be coming to the USA again in 2022!

It also includes the section on Auto Immunity and Allergy as the fifth Module, so will be held over 5 three day weekends in two locations. This course cycle takes place in the New York  and in Portland Oregon, and we anticipate a start date around mid 2022.

Places are selling out fast, so we would advise you all to book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

TCM Diploma Course with Mazin Al-Khafaji

With teaching firmly rooted in his real-life experience and application of herbal medicine derived from his clinical work at Avicenna, Mazin Al-Khafaji's Diploma Course has become the gold standard of educational practice within Chinese Medicine Dermatology.

For many, completing Mazin's course and mastering the material he teaches has become the missing link that  changes their practice forever, leading them toward achieving dramatic and life changing results for many of their patients.

“Mazin’s dermatology course was invaluable for my clinical practice… We are fortunate to have a master like Mazin in the field of Chinese Medicine - I find his work and his teaching nothing short of AMAZING…”

Since its inception in 2005, the course has become internationally accredited, with a whole generation of over 200 doctors and herbal practitioners from all over the world having travelled to London to attain Mazin's Dermatology Diploma.  Many have come twice, or even three times!


Skin disorders in their various forms are amongst the commonest of diseases suffered by mankind, accounting for no less than 20% of all visits to outpatient departments in the Western world.

Chinese medicine has a very significant role to play in treating a huge range of such conditions (particularly chronic disorders such as atopic eczema and psoriasis that prove so difficult to manage satisfactorily with biomedicine) - yet despite this fact, many people practicing Chinese medicine do not achieve optimal results in this field due to lack of specialist training and clinical experience.

Mazin's teaching reflects his own long and arduous journey through Chinese medicine, condensing personal insights accumulated over 30 years of study and clinical practice - all presented in a comprehensive and relevant yet incredibly humble way.

“ I am immensely grateful for Mazin’s generosity in sharing his personal clinic experience and his extraordinary wisdom of Chinese Herbal Medicine…”

Course Overview

The newly revised and extended step-by-step, clearly laid-out Diploma course will offer an in-depth and practical approach to understanding and treating the 20 most prevalent skin diseases seen in clinic.  Emphasis throughout is put on the pragmatic and clinically relevant information required to achieve success in practice.

Thousands of slides taken over the past 3 decades from Mazin’s own practice will be utilised to illustrate in great detail the nuanced steps required to accurately diagnose disease, and to differentiate pattern types according to Chinese medicine principles in order to plan a successful treatment strategy.

Numerous case examples with before and after slides will also be presented and will act as the basis of detailed discussion on the specifics of treatment with clear and practical instructions on adapting effective formulae to the vagaries of clinical reality.

Course Details

  • Module One 
    Day one: Introduction to Dermatology - an overview of the fundamentals of dermatology.
    Lesions - an in-depth description of all the primary and secondary lesions that manifest on the skin, their meaning and significance according to Chinese medicine.
    Pruritus  - how it is understood, differentiated and treated in Chinese medicine.
    Eight Methods of Clearing Heat in Dermatology.
    Day two
    : (1) Psoriasis* Part I & II
    Day three: (1) Psoriasis* Part III; (2) Perioral Dermatitis*
  • Module Two
    Day one:
    Revision and test on previous module's material; (1) Viral Warts*; (2) Stasis Eczema*
    Day two: (1)Lichen Planus* (2) Rosacea*
    Day three: (1) Pompholyx Eczema*; (2) Herpes Simplex* (3) Herpes Zoster*
  • Module Three
    Day one:
    Revision and test on previous module's material; (1) Atopic Eczema* Part I & II
    Day two:
    (1) Atopic Eczema* Part III; (2) Fungal & Yeast Infection*
    Day three: (1) Vitiligo* ; (2) Alopecia Areata*
  • Module Four
    Day one:Revision and test on previous module's material; (1) Seborrhoeic Dermatitis
    (2); Impetigo*
    Day two: (1) Lichen Simplex*; (2) Urticaria* (acute and chronic) 
    Day three:
    (1) Acne*; (2) Nummular Eczema*

Practical TCM: Allergy & Autoimmunity - an additional module may be made available to students at a later date (TBC):

* Each disease will cover the following headings:-
Overview of the disease, its common and uncommon clinical features.
Differential diagnosis from other skin disease that may appear similar.
Patho-mechanism and aetiology.
Traditional Chinese Medicine pattern differentiation with treatment principles, suggested formulae (internal and external), and modifications.
Numerous case examples with many before, during and after pictures, to illustrate in great detail common approaches to treatment with both internal and external formulae, how the prescription is modified to take account the changed circumstances as the patient improves, and finally how consolidation is achieved.

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We reserve the right to change content, dates and location of the course at any time.

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