I came to see Qin Li a few months before my 40th birthday by which time I had been trying unsuccessfully to concieve a second child for almost 3 years.  I found her manner very kind, patient and reassuring and was  also impressed to hear she was happy for her treatments to be used to complement, or sit alongside more conventional fertility treatments.  She also made it clear she won't go on treating patients if she feels she can't help them.  In the end I didn't use any fertility drugs or other conventional medicine but stuck with the accupuncture from Qin Li.  I had around 5 months of treatment in total and within a month had noticed my periods becoming heavier and longer - something Qin Li had said had needed to happen before i could concieve.  It gave me confidence that the treatment was working and I was of course incredibly pleased to find that after around 4 months of accupuncture I had sucessfully conceived.  I continued with a few more treatments to help prevent miscarriage, and am happy to report the birth of a daughter, last March (2010).


I had a course of acupuncture at Avicenna throughout my IVF acupuncture treatment.  Qin Li is a lovely lady who was extremely knowledgeable about the whole IVF process and gave me invaluable advice throughout.  Not only did the Avicenna course assist with the effects of the drugs and the emotional stress but also helped me conceive and carry the beautiful baby girl that I am now a proud mummy to after just one attempt at assisted conception - many thanks to all at Avicenna!


I first came to the Avicenna Centre for Chinese Medicine on the recommendation of my GP.  I had been trying to get pregnant for just over 2 years.  I'd had all the standard hormonal blood tests done and and even had my ovaries checked - but everything was normal.  My GP suggested I get some acupuncture as she had seen great results.  I saw Qin Li at Avicenna and was really impressed with her extensive experience in fertility treatment.  I saw her for about 3 and a half months for pregnancy acupuncture and herbs before I got pregnant.  In this time I felt great - I'd had years of problematic skin and digestive problems which Qin Li cleared up with treatment. It was as if my body needed to get back into balance before it could conceive.
I was so very excited when I fell pregnant!  I think I took 6 pregnancy tests because I couldn't believe it!  I then continued to Qin Li throughout my pregnancy for acupuncture for my morning sickness and just generally to help support the pregnancy.  I ended up having a wonderful pregnancy without a lot of the horrible symptoms like constipation and water retention and I really feel the acupuncture had a lot to do with it.
I now have a beautiful baby girl. She's happy and healthy and an absolute miracle!
For anyone having difficulties getting pregnant or just wanting to get acupuncture to support their pregnancy, I highly recommend Qin Li.  She's a wonderful and very experienced practitioner.  I'm definitely going back to her for the next baby (which will hopefully be very soon!)


I started acupuncture with Qin Li in spring/early summer 2006.  I was 40 years and wished to conceive a baby.  We'd been trying for 1 ¼ years before then.  I had abnormally high FSH levels and was told by an IVF/fertility doctor it was unlikely I would conceive naturally.  We could not afford IVF; and, besides, I believe in more natural, holistic treatments.  I had acupuncture for 5 months, then added on specific Chinese herbs to increase my chances of my womb holding a baby.  Qin Li looked at my blood tests and temperature charts each time.  The herbs had an incredible balancing and energising effect on me - like a tonic!  In December 2006, 2 months after starting the herbs, I conceived.  I had a healthy and successful pregnancy and our beautiful daughter Delphy Gabriela, was born at the end of August 2007, by C-section (me aged 41 years by then!)