Over the years many patients have come through our doors and have been helped immeasurably by the use of Chinese medicine.  Please follow the leads to the right hand side of the page for a sample of some of the statements we have received from patients.

Please note, we have only recently begun collecting patient testimonials, so check back again soon to learn more about our patients' experiences.

After half a year of treatment with Mazin Al-Khafaji I can say with confidence that I am now cured.  My skin is the best it has been in my whole life, and I have suffered with skin problems from birth.  I now thoroughly enjoy my new life during spring 2013 wearing summer clothes!


K.R., Austria

I'm a devoted fan of facial acupuncture and look forward to my treatments.  Grace is thoughtful, attentive and a caring practitioner.  Fabulous facial treatments, massages and general well-being acupuncture.

Claire, Brighton

I am thrilled with the improvement in my health, not only has the lichen sclerosis improved dramatically, but my general level of health is also so much better.


This treatment has worked for me and has given me back my quality of life.


It took just the one needle - inserted diagonally opposite to the problem - to rid me of the excruciating pain that had rendered me unable to walk!  Amazing Mazin!


Grace creates the perfect ambiance for deep relaxation during her treatments.  She uses carefully chosen, quality products in her facials that make your skin glow.  I was impressed with the attention to detail during the treatment, with client comfort being top priority.  Drawing from her expertise built up over many years, she uses a combination of massage tools and techniques to provide you with a experience that stands out from the rest.

Catherine, Brighton

I am absolutey amazed, as is my whole family, that the treatment from Mazin at Avicenna has had such outstanding results!


My treatment had instant results and I suddenly felt a sense of control.