Polymorphic Light Eruption (Sun Allergy)


In the last 10 years I have developed a sun allergy, at the beginning the reaction only happened on holidays in hot countries or in high altitude, but in the last 2 to 3 years it also occurred in this  country.

The exposed skin became blotchy, very red and swollen, then tiny blisters appeared and a weepy eczema covered the face but also arms, neck, throat and chest.  Hydrocortisone creams were prescribed by my GP, but I often had to steroids orally (pednisolone).  Once, I had such a bad reaction I was given steroids intravenously.  I love outdoor life and could only go out fully covered with a scarf and a large hat, and always wearing long sleeves even in the warmest weather.

I welcomed the offer of my GP who suggested a course of UVB phototherapy but aftre just a few treatments I had to take corticosteroids because I had the same sun allergy symptoms as before.

My acupuncturist gave me an article published in the acupuncture journal written by Mazin.  He described the treatment of a patient with psoriasis and I was so impressed that I made an appointment the same day.

I saw Mazin in March 2008 and received treatment until September, taking Chinese herb extracts and applying a cream to sore areas.  Meanwhile I am using Avicenna's pink cream as normal face cream and it is better than any cream I have ever had.  I had a good summer without steroid tablets and only used hydrocortisone cream once or twice on my face.  I have great faith in Mazin and hopefully he will cure me totally when I go back next spring!

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