Module 5 - Final Examination and Allergy & Autoimmunity Masterclass - Dates and Fees TBC

NEW YORK: 20th to 22nd April 2018

SAN JOSE:  27th to 29th April 2018


In order to achieve certification for the Diploma Course students must first sit and pass the final examination.  The final examination is held in two parts over one day.  This is yet to be scheduled, however details will be released as soon as a date has been confirmed. Please note this is a stand-alone event that will require separate booking.


(i) Allergic Asthma*

Very frequently seen as part of the atopic diatheses, along with atopic eczema & allergic rhinitis, it is now estimated that one in every four children living in cities within the Western world suffers with asthma, and there is much evidence to support the fact that many people are developing increasingly more severe forms of the disease. Morbidity and mortality from this common condition remains a substantial clinical problem despite considerable funding into new drug therapies. Without question properly applied treatment with Chinese herbs has a very significant part to play in managing this distressing disease.

(ii) Allergic Rhinitis*

Just as with asthma & atopic eczema which it often accompanies, the incidence of allergic rhinitis has increased dramatically over the decades. And just as with those two conditions, Chinese medicine correctly applied can have a profound effect not only to ease the distressing symptoms but frequently to resolve the allergic disposition.


(i) Inflammatory Bowel Disease*

Known as 'Dysenteric Disorder' in traditional Chinese medicine includes both Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s disease, (although the focus will be on the former). The two conditions lead to ulceration of the mucosa of the gastro-intestinal tract, abdominal pains, diarrhea, and frequent bouts of rectal bleeding. It typically affects young adults in the prime of their life, and is a cause of much morbidity.

(ii) Graves Disease* 

(Hyperactivity of thyroid gland): This is an extremely common autoimmune disease and the most frequently encountered form of hyperthyroidism, affecting up to 4-5% of all women.Chinese medicine correctly applied can very often resolve this disease.

* The following will be covered - Overview, its common and uncommon clinical features, differential diagnosis from other conditions, patho-mechanism & aetiology.
Traditional Chinese Medicine pattern differentiation with treatment principles, suggested formulae and modifications.
Numerous case examples to illustrate in great detail common approaches to treatment, how the prescription is modified to take account the changed circumstances as the patient improves, and finally how consolidation is achieved.

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