We offer a wide range of massage treatments including:

Deep Tissue, Remedial & Sports Massage
This treatment addresses problems created by daily stress or sporting activities. The body's reaction is to develop painful spasms, adhesions and tightness that impair the muscle function and restrict mobility.
This massage will help loosen those restrictions, relieving pain and sore muscles, improving circulation, posture and flexibility.

Aromatherapy Massage

A blend of specially prepared organic, essential oils are applied during the massage. The oils can differ from relaxing and calming to invigorating and stimulating. The massage can range from light and soothing to deep and vigorous, depending on the client's requirements.
This massage relieves stress, anxiety and improves mood.

Hot Stone Massage
Hot Stone Massage uses smooth, heated volcanic basalt stones of varying sizes that absorb and retain heat and moisture. In addition to the use of the stones, traditional Swedish massage techniques are applied.
During the treatment, some of the stones are placed along the spine or other key points of the body, creating a sense of total comfort. The pleasantly heated stones deeply penetrate and warm tight muscles and help to release long-standing tensions in a gentle way.

Pregnancy Massage
A massage designed to relieve tension and stress placed on a mother's body during pregnancy.
This massage relieves muscle spasm, hip and back pain and improves circulation. It also helps to maximise breathing capacity that is needed during labour.

The duration of the sessions is 60 or 90 minutes depending on your requirements which will be discussed fully with you prior to the treatment. 

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