Visitors from Hong Kong

14 November 2012

Visitors  from Hong Kong University School of Chinese Medicine

This summer Avicenna  hosted a delegation of young doctors and students from the School of Chinese Medicine of Honk Kong University. They  were on a three week fact finding tour  to explore the professional standards of Chinese Medicine in Europe, and hoped to  cultivate international exchange within Chinese Medicine.

During a meeting with Mazin Al-Khafaji, they exchanged ideas and  quizzed him on the latest developments in Chinese Medicine,  and were particularly interested in his ground breaking work and innovative approaches to clinical practice.

They were shown round the Avicenna Herbal Dispensary and the decoction room, the  storage cellar with over 450 different types of raw herbs, and the in house production facility where Dr. Al-Khafaji mixes up his own skin care range.

They were overwhelmed with what they saw, and remarked:  "Avicenna is the most impressive establishment we have visited in Europe, and has better facilities than the biggest Chinese Medicine hospital in Hong Kong."

After their trip they described their visit to Avicenna as the highlight of their fact finding tour in Europe, and thanked Dr. Al-Khafaji for all he has done for the Chinese Medicine profession globally.

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