Acne and Chinese Herbal Medicine

23 April 2008

Chinese Herbal Medicine in the treatment of 58 cases of acne.

58 patients with acne (15 men and 43 women with age ranging between 16-38, average age 27) were all given a standard water decoction based on the Chinese herbal formula Qing fei yi rou tang, but adjusted according to the morphology of the lesions and the constitution of the patient.

After a variable time of treatment ranging from 2-6 months the following results were recorded. 46 cases were classified as clinically cured (all papules, pustules, nodules and cysts cleared, with no reoccurrence); 10 cases were classified as improved (reduction in all lesions, but mild reoccurrence on stopping the herbs) and 2 cases no change.  (Xinzhongyi. New Journal of Chinese medicine 2001.4 — 33-4 Author: Zhouxin zhong).

: Herbal Medicine

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