Acupuncture and Tennis Elbow

16 May 2008

(1) A study on the treatment of tennis elbow using only Yanglingquan GB-34 on the affected side reports that most patients obtained pain relief of 70% (mean pain relief 55%). The results were significantly higher than in a placebo group treated by light pressure at Feishu BL-13. The results were assessed blindly immediately after treatment. (Molsberger A, Hill E, British Journal of Rheumatology, 33: 1162-5).

(2) Of 55 patients with chronic lateral epicondylitis (Tennis elbow), 23 were treated with real acupuncture and 22 received sham acupuncture, all receiving 10 treatments, with two treatments per week. At two weeks and 2 months after the end of treatment, there were significant reductions in pain intensity and improvements in the function of the arm and in maximal strength in both treatment groups. At 2-weeks all these differences were significantly greater in the real acupuncture group, and at 2 months the arm function was still better in this group. (Rheumatology (Oxford) 2002 Feb;41(2):205-9).

: Acupuncture

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