Electro Acupuncture for Dental Surgery Pain

23 April 2008

A Brazilian study has concluded that electroacupuncture (EA) is effective at controlling postoperative pain after dental surgery. Twenty-four patients with symmetrically impacted mandibular third molars were selected. Each patient was submitted to two separate surgical procedures under local anesthesia. On one side, extraction was carried out using EA both 24 hours prior to, and immediately after surgery, while on the contralateral side, surgery was carried out without any EA treatment. EA was applied on six bilateral systemic and two auricular points using 40-60Hz frequency for 20 min and individually adjusted intensity. Postoperative pain scores were significantly lower for the EA group and analgesic intake decreased in this group for all evaluated periods. (Electro-acupuncture efficacy on pain control after mandibular third molar surgery. Braz Dent J. 2007;18(2):158-62).

: Acupuncture

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