Research into Acupuncture and abnormality of Sperm

29 April 2008

(1) Idiopathic infertility A study carried out in Brazil observed the effect of acupuncture and moxibustion on sperm abnormalities. 19 patients with idiopathic infertility were divided into a study and into a control group. The study group was treated twice a week for 10 weeks (25 min acupuncture, 20 min moxa). Sperm analysis was carried out before and after the treatment course. The patients in the study group showed a significant increase in the percentage of normal-form sperm. The authors conclude that acupuncture and moxa treatments seem to favourably modify normal-form sperm counting.'
Gurfinkel E, Cedenho AP, Yamamura Y, Srougi M.Effects of acupuncture and moxa treatment in patients with semen abnormalities. Asian J Androl. 2003 Dec; 5(4):345-8.

(2) Low sperm count (Oligospermia) A study carried out in Tel Aviv observed the effect of acupuncture on males with very low sperm count. 15 of the males were azoospermic patients, two were pseudoazoospermic and three had severe oligoteratoasthenozoospermia (OTA). After a course of acupuncture, the OTA had only a slight increase in sperm count. 67% of azoospermic patients showed a definite increase in sperm count, seven of them significantly. Males with genital tract inflammation exhibited the most remarkable improvement in sperm density. Two pregnancies were achieved in conjunction with IVF-ICSI. The authors conclude that acupuncture might be a useful treatment for males with very poor sperm count, especially those with a history of genital tract inflammation.
Siterman S, Eltes F, Wolfson V, Lederman H, Bartoov B. Does acupuncture treatment affect sperm density in males with very low sperm count? A pilot study. Andrologia. 2000 Jan; 32(1):31-9.

(3) Spem motility In a study from Israel, 16 patients with subfertility related to sperm impairment were treated with acupuncture twice a week for 5 weeks and compared to a control group. The sperm motility and intactness of the axonema were greatly increased in the study group.
Siterman S, Eltes F, Wolfson V, Zabludovsky N, Bartoov B.Effect of acupuncture on sperm parameters of males suffering from subfertility related to low sperm quality. Arch Androl. 1997 Sep-Oct; 39(2):155-61.

(4) Spem morphology A study in treating subfertility by acupuncture was carried out in Germany on 28 men. Each patient received a total of 10 treatments for a period of three weeks. The spermiograms and hormone levels were checked before and after acupuncture. Total count, concentration and motility were evaluated and in all cases the researchers observed a statistically significant improvement of sperm quality. The authors conclude that acupuncture therapy at the time of ovulation might increase the chances of a pregnancy.
Fischl F, Riegler R, Bieglmayer C, Nasr F, Neumark J. [Modification of semen quality by acupuncture in subfertile males] Geburtshilfe Frauenheilkd. 1984 Aug;44 (8):510-2.

(5) A Chinese study was carried out on 54 males with impaired fertility. 1-3 months of acupuncture therapy was given, and sperm analysis carried out before and after treatment. 55.5% of patients impregnated their partners in that period of time, and 24% showed a significant improvement in sperm parameters. 20% of patients, previously diagnosed with azoospermia and immune disturbance, did not improve. The best improvement was seen in patients with abnormal sperm.
Qian, Z [Clinical observation of 54 cases of male infertility treated by acupuncture and moxibustion] Journal of Chinese Medicine, 1996 Sep; 52.

(6) A Chinese study was carried out on 248 males who suffered from sperm abnormities, absence of ejaculation and impotence. Treatment of acupuncture was given every other day. 20 treatments comprised one course. 2 courses were given (approx 2 months). About half of the patients with abnormal sperm achieved good sperm count and motility. (20-60mill/ml with 20-60% motility and less than 20% deformity). 52 % of patients with abnormal sperm failed to respond, a large percentage of those (40%) who were diagnosed with azoospermia, failed to respond at all.
Zhang J [The Acupuncture treatment of 248 cases of male infertility], Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion, Vol 7, 1987.

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