Soy Food Intake Associated With Better Breast Cancer Outcomes

9 December 2009

Breast cancer recurrence and overall mortality are lower amoung women who eat soy foods after their initial diagnosis, JAMA reports.

Some 5000 survivors of breast cancer in Shanghai provided information on lifestyle 6 months after their diagnosis and during several subsequent interviews. After a median 4 years' follow-up, women in the highest quartile of soy consumption (for example, tofu, soy milk, or fresh soy beans) showed lower hazard ratios for total mortality (0.71) and recurrence (0.68), relative to those in the lowest quartile.

The effect was noted in both estrogen-receptor-positive and -negative tumours, and with early- and late-stage cancers.

Editorialists write that until additional studies can be undertaken in larger cohorts, "clinicians can advise their patients with breast cancer that soy foods are safe to eat and that these foods my offer some protective benefit for long-term health."

: Diet & Lifestyle

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