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Mazin's Wild Herb Hunt

Posted on 14/07/2011

An account of Mazin's herb travels in the Guangxi province of China.

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A Sweet Aroma?

Posted on 01/07/2011

An insight into one of the Avicenna aromas!

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The Chinese Language and Turtle's Feet!

Posted on 15/06/2011

An interesting language and life update from our overseas practitioner, in Taipei, Paola Campenelli.

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Free Chinese herbal medicine for women with Recurrent urinary tract infections

Posted on 28/02/2011

If you are a woman over 18 years of age with 3 or more episodes of urinary tract infections (cystitis) in the past 12 months then you may be eligible to receive a free consultation followed by up to 3 months free herbal treatment....

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Peter Helps

Posted on 23/02/2011

We are deeply saddened to have to announce the death of Peter Helps

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Wonderful News for Herbal Medicine in the UK

Posted on 16/02/2011

Finally there is Statutory regulation for UK herbalists

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The Benefits of Bitter Taste

Posted on 29/11/2010

Chinese herbal medicine has a reputation of having an unpleasant taste. Even after Avicenna's cooking processes, which improves the medicinal strength and the taste of the herbs, they may still live up to their unsavoury...

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A language student steps into the clinic

Posted on 19/10/2010

On August 23rd, for the first time in two and a half years of Chinese language studies, I wore again my white coat and stepped into a Chinese medicine consultation room. That was at China Medical Hospital in Taichung, Taiwan, in...

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One Night Doctor

Posted on 19/10/2010

Tainan is the former capital city of Taiwan, and the city with most historical buildings and temples. As most buildings in Taiwan are only a few dozen years old and modern Taiwanese “architecture” appears rather soulless and ugly...

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Spirit, Science & Sophistication

Posted on 23/07/2010

A glimpse into the amazing history of Chinese medicine

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